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“More structure regarding meals is associated with greater weight loss, as compared with seemingly holistic programs that are based on concepts of balance, variety, and moderation”

“Research in the area of dietary variety shows that consuming greater variety increases consumption in the overall diet, within food groups, and within eating bouts. Thus, in those circumstances in which negative energy balance or maintenance of energy balance is desired (i.e., during weight loss and weight loss maintenance), consuming a diet with greater variety, particularly from food groups higher in energy-density due to their fat content, may make achieving weight loss and successful weight loss maintenance more challenging.”

“These results suggest that a reduction in dietary variety of highly palatable, energy-dense foods may be useful in the treatment and prevention of obesity. Limiting the number of different highly palatable, energy-dense foods in a meal may help reduce energy intake within a meal, thereby reducing overall intake.”

“Opposing the long-standing belief that a diverse diet is necessary for proper nutrition, the AHA highlighted observational research that instead suggests that a diverse diet may lead to a greater intake of highly processed foods, refined grains, and sugar-sweetened beverages, leading to weight gain and obesity.




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Aadam @physiqonomics

Aadam @physiqonomics

Coach. Fitness writer |

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